USTA Junior Tennis Camp

by | Mar 30, 2016

Success with perseverance

For the past 8 years I have been invited to coach at various USTA camps coordinated by Andy Gladstone and Robert Gomez. These camps host some of the top young juniors in Florida. It’s interesting for me to see who’s out there and compare the new crops of players to the past players.

I also like to see how our players at Celsius compare to the talent that’s out there. Through the years some approaches have a changed but one thing that hasn’t changed is if you want to reach your full potential you better be prepared to hit a million balls, do the fitness, and treat your coaches with respect!

Yes, I saw some talent at the camp and I saw some kids with great attitudes and some with subpar attitudes. I can easily take a look at the the kids today from previous camps who were workers and the ones who were not and the workers always out weigh the non-workers in success rates. Tennis is not always based on talent. Even if you’re not at the top of the rankings at a young age you can still reach your goals with perseverance! That mind set will take you far in tennis and life!

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