2019 Academy Cup at USTA National Campus

Eight Junior Tennis Academies set to square off
at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Florida

Celsius Tennis Academy

A higher degree of excellence for junior tennis in Florida.
Comprehensive programs designed around the individual, helping our young athletes succeed in life as well as on the court.
Find out what Celsius can do for your athlete today!

2020 Celsius Tennis Academy

Representing all parts of the USA and world. Fire up!

Training Options

Celsius Tennis Academy is centerally located in Sarasota, Florida
offering year-round tennis training that fits your schedule, age, ability, budget and goals.
You can select the number of days and hours you wish to train.

Complete Training

Celsius offers comprehensive tennis programs for competitive junior athletes
including the right blend of stroke production, fitness, mental conditioning and competition.
We monitor this blend very closely and provide regular feedback in each area.

All Levels

Celsius offers competitive level programs for ages 8-21 including day, after school and summer tennis training.
You can choose your days the amount of training that’s right for you.
We also offer full boarding and academic programs for out of area and international student athletes.

Dedicated Team

Celsius has an excellent coaching staff with diverse tennis backgrounds and a very high coach to student ratio.
Our Director, Cary Cohenour was named USTA Florida Competitive Coach of the Year.

Physical Conditioning

It’s not all about strokes, physical conditioning is a big part of the program at Celsius.
We have some of the very best trainers in all Florida working with our athletes

The Right Size

Celsius Tennis Academy offers day, after school and summer programs for resident and visiting athletes. We’re just the right size.

Juniors to Collegiate Level

Celsius offers programs young tournament level juniors all the way to elite programs for collegiate level players. 


Celsius also offers academics at local schools and full-boarding for international and out of area athletes.

My two sons attended Celsius Tennis Academy for eight years. In addition to receiving full athletic scholarships to college, the Celsius program taught them discipline, focus, a strong work ethic and the desire to be the best you can be. These are attributes that served them well in competitive tennis and will continue to do so in whatever they endeavor in life. Read more comments about Celsius Tennis Academy. Susan Coulis

Celsius Parent

I used to coach Cary back in the day. He has a solid foundation for developing young players and a great methodology. His kids are focused and dedicated. I love coming to hit with them when my schedule takes me to North America. It takes me back to why I became a coach in the first place… Celsius has an exceptional program with an exceptional staff. Read more comments about Celsius Tennis Academy. Jack Reader

ATP Tennis Coach

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