What others are saying about Celsius Tennis Academy
My daughter began training at Celsius this past Summer and I can’t recommend this tennis academy enough. She is in the best hands with the best coaches in the area. Her passion for the sport continues to grow and her skills have continued to get better. We plan to be at Celsius for many years to come.
Lindsay Reynolds Howell

Every chance I have, I bring my children from South Carolina to the Celsius Tennis Academy.  Among numerous tennis academies in the Sarasota-Bradenton area, we decided to put the tennis faith of our two children in the hands of Cary Cohenour and his team of coaches.  Celsius coaches focus on developing confident, hardworking, tournament ready players.  The coaches focus on each individual player and continuously communicate to each other, and to the parents, about a player’s progress.  Celsius coaches nurture all stoke skills, drill the movement, and foot-work speed.  The fitness and emotional skills of a player are also developed and nurtured.   We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to train at Celsius Tennis Academy and to expose our children to such a passionate and persistent team of coaches.

Thank you, Dr. Sanela Porca

Sanela Porca

Professor of Economics, University of South Carolina

I used to coach Cary back in the day. He has a solid foundation for developing young players and a great methodology. His kids are focused and dedicated. I love coming to hit with them when my schedule takes me to North America. It takes me back to why I became a coach in the first place… Exceptional program with an exceptional staff.
Jack Reader

ATP Tennis Coach

Celsius has helped Zach develop a game that took him from barely getting a game in at tournaments when he first arrived in Florida from Michigan in January to winning tournaments by the end of the summer. The staff cares about making a difference in these kids lives on and off the court. Each student is  given equal attention.  It’s not the kind of place where “stars” are selected and put on a separate court for special attention while the other kids are all hitting somewhere else… the environment Celsius provides is positive and fun. He’s made great friends…
Mary Yana Burau

Celsius Parent

Celsius develops great junior tennis players. The program is deep and the staff dedicated with very low turnover. I love their commitment to developing players at a young age and their belief in just the right balance of competition. Celsius is a great fit for us and has taken our son Andre from the age of 12 to a top 3 USTA Florida ranking in two age divisions to a Division 1 scholarship, sportsmanship, confidence, dedication and a sport for life!
Holly Johnson

Celsius Parent

My son has been training here for 8 years. He has improved drastically. Coaches are always looking to help players and try their best. Best academy around! He is now on scholarship and playing tennis for Boston University.
Tami Pawlowska

Celsius brought me all the way from kid to college tennis. So much fun, so many memories, so many friends, so much work lol… You have to experience it for yourself.
Andre Johnson

Former #3 Ranked Florida Junior

If you live in Sarasota area, this tennis program has the best players. My daughter plays tennis in tournaments and all coaches and friends here are just the best.
Novatras Soraya

Uniqueness of Celsius Tennis Academy is in the fact that the director of the Academy Cary Cohenour managed to collect a balanced team of like-minded, enthusiastic coaches that entirely dedicated themselves to the common goal. Along with the high professional level tennis training, students can always count on help and advice on many aspects of life. Victory and defeat, the ups and downs always perceived the same way – with a deep analysis, a positive attitude to everything going on, and an unshakable faith in yourself!
Sam Rencheli

Father of Nationally Ranked Abigail Rencheli

I am a private coach of several kids in the southern Illinois area, with ages varying from eight to eighteen years of age.  I recently sent three of the kids I coach, one of them being my daughter, to Celsius Tennis Academy for four weeks.  After speaking to and asking each of their personal opinions, all of the kids came to the agreement that is was a great time and feel that it was extremely beneficial in various aspects of their game, both physical as well as mental.  They feel that the great and talented coaching staff, hours of training both conditioning and playing, and all of the available levels of players and groups contributed to the amazing experience that this became.  In effect to this, my daughter as well as several other kids of whom I coach plan on attending next summer as well.
Jason Hampton

Tennis Coach

El nivel tenistico muy bueno y sobre todo el interes de los coaches con su alumnos es un trato personalizado. Te ayudan mucho a subir tu nivel.

Playing competitive tennis for over ten years helped me to achieve my goal of completing my bachelor’s degree in nursing and working in the field of pediatrics. Competitive tennis required an extreme amount of discipline, and taught me time management skills which helped me on court and in life…
Krista Baitinger

Former Celsius Athlete

5-star tennis academy! Our son loves his year of training there.
Kelly Albada Jelgersma-Clarke

Thanks to Indie Tenis’ referral, my 14-year-old son just returned from a magical week at Celsius Tennis Academy owned and operated by the outstanding Cary Cohenour. I’ve never experienced an academy like this. It’s not one of those grandiose, price-inflated ones where your child gets lost in the size and the star players receive most of the attention. It is a personalized setting where your child grows amongst talented (high ranking!) and international players while receiving the expert feedback and personal attention needed to thrive. Cary, brilliant, kind, and generous, sets the tone. Almost immediately you feel the upbeat and productive energy on the courts. All the coaches are masters, and they care about all the players, whether they are their own or not. During my son’s private lessons, if another coach had any input or could model in a different way to help my son understand, he would jump in and do so. My son had private lessons that were so profound and skillfully taught that over the course of 5 days I observed a literal transformation in him. When you have the marriage of expertise in tennis and truly caring hearts, you have a winner of an academy. I wouldn’t take my child anywhere else.
Lisa Croddy

Sarasota, Florida

My two sons attended Celsius Tennis Academy for eight years. In addition to receiving full athletic scholarships to college, the Celsius program taught them discipline, focus, a strong work ethic and the desire to be the best you can be. These are attributes that served them well in competitive tennis and will continue to do so in whatever they endeavor in life. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the coaching staff and are grateful to have been a part of the Celsius family.
Susan Coulis

Celsius Parent

At the Celsius Tennis Academy, we have found that our kids Talia 13, and Sofiya 9, are exposed to the highest level of tennis instruction in the area.  Living in Tampa, we travel the hour drive several days a week because of the quality of the overall tennis experience here.  Our girls have made lasting friendships with the kids at Celsius and have a the utmost respect for their coaches, who support and care about their success in tennis and in life.
Joe Janos

Celsius Parent

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