Had a great time traveling to Gainesville this weekend with some of our boys. Group travel is fun and it takes some of the pressure off which at times can seem pretty big in junior tennis. Tournaments are a great way to improve your mental toughness and other skills outside of stroke production like learning how to outplay and outmaneuver opponents, adapting your game style to players you have never seen before learning all come to mind.

Gaining confidence from the experience of wins is really important. Equally, learning how to loose and gain motivation from that is equally important and the only way to become a complete tennis player at any level.

Training in a community like Celsius is great but venturing out into the tennis world  gives young tennis players aspects difficult to replicate in our academy structure. Sometimes its just a little more fun with your friends around.

We’ll be doing more tournament travel as a group at Celsius so stay tuned.

Pictured: Alex Dina, Coach Cary, Alex Ivanchev, Peter Meise, Duncan Macavoy-Thompson and Ben Nordemann. Great job guys!


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