Scholarships at Celsius

Celsius Tennis Academy in connection with brings you the Benton Camper Tennis Scholarship for players with exceptional drive, talent and potential. 

Starting January 2019, ten gifted full time young players will be given a full year scholarship Celsius Tennis Academy. This initiative is brought to you by former USTA ‘Coach of the year’ Cary Cohenour and owner Benton Camper.  The vision for this initiative is to recruit some of the most talented junior players in the world and provide them with the opportunity to take their games to the highest level in the sport. 

We are looking at these young talents to be our tennis ambassadors, and would like to see them represent the brand at major tournaments and events.

How it works

If you have the drive and ambition to reach for the highest level in the sport, please apply for the Benton Camper Tennis Scholarship. The application includes:

Basic Information Form:

  • Tennis Video (no longer than 10 minutes, free-form, but should primarily be match play)
  • Essay (between 100-200 words) describing your qualifications.

Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Form and Skill Level
  • Athletic Ability and Physical Potential
  • Tournament Results and Ranking
  • Attitude and Mindset
  • Willingness to Learn and Desire to Improve
  • Overall Personality

NOTE: although Tournament Results and Ranking is a factor in the selection process, it is not the most important. Our goal is to build champions, and the current level of a player may not be the biggest indicator of where their game can rise to if they are given the best training and opportunities.

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For additional questions and comments contact:

Program Coordinator: Partha Bhattacharya
Phone: (941) 400-3087

Our program and event partner in the renowned Casely Tennis Academy, directed by Carlos Casely who brought his incredible vision to life with the creation of the Casely International Championships, a Global platform for talented players to train, compete and grow. The CASELY circuit attracts hundreds upon hundreds of players each year in a comprehensive competitive tennis experience, who seek to take their level to new heights.

Carlos is an experienced Sports Psychologist and a renowned top tier coach with over 22 years of experience and a former NCAA Division ONE college coach.

More about Casely Tennis.

Visiting juniors to Sarasota are welcome to train at Celsius by the day, week or month. Please refer to the Drop-In section on our programs page for pricing.

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